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We are recording videos in our recording and video studio in cooperation with artists from all over the world. They are presented on our Youtube Channel. Furthermore, we are also publishing recordings of guitar concerts we organize.

The world’s finest guitars in one place

We believe that it should be easy to buy and sell guitars.

We believe that everybody who searches a guitar should be allowed to find his dream in an easy way and choose from a wide range of master guitars

and we believe that everybody who wants to sell his master instrument should be given the opportunity to offer his guitar on a free and professional platform and thereby reach customers worldwide.

Siccas Guitars

The brothers Manuel and Mirco started to collect guitars in their youth.


Our Team

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Why I recommend Siccas-Guitars?
Because professional competence, customer friendliness and commitment go hand in hand on a high level.

T. Reiß-König| Customer
Siccas Guitars Buy and Sell
At Siccas Guitars you have the possibility to sell your guitar. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell a classical guitar, an electric or acoustic guitar. We don’t charge you any fee and after the sale you get the price you have fixed for your guitar. You also have the possibility to sell the guitar directly to us, if the guitar fits to our selection of instruments. Beside of that we offer you the possibility to take your guitar as trade-in if you’re looking for a new guitar. If you wish to sell your guitar directly to us we will make you an offer within 48 hours. To make you an offer and to get a correct impression of your guitar, we need all informations you have about your instrument such as condition, repairs, year of construction and of course detailed photos. If you decide to sell us your guitar we will discuss different transportation options with you. After we have checked the guitar we will send you the contract of purchase. We will transfer you the money within two bank days.