Nils Schebesta – 2016


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Nils Schebesta is a young guitar builder, who initially made an apprenticeship as a plucked instrument maker and then studied instrument making in Markneukirchen. During his studies, he concentrated on modern concert guitars among others. Therefore, he has primarily built instruments with spruce top and lattice bracing in the recent years. This instrument, made of Indian Rosewood and cedar, is equipped with a radial top bracing that shows parallels to the top bracing developed by Michael Kasha. Due to an enlarged swinging top area, the guitar reaches a body resonance of 83 Hz despite the relatively stiff back and double sides. Therefore, the guitar has a dark sound with strong bases, that still develops the transparence typical for cedar. The raised fingerboard enables comfortable use of the higher frets. Furthermore, the guitar also has an extra sound port. Due to freely movable bridge parts you can adjust the intonation very precisely. The tuners are made by Rubner and have a ball-bearing mounted shaft. The instrument is French polished. A hard-case is included.

Luthier: Nils Schebesta
Year of construction: 2016
Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Indian Rosewood
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 52 mm

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